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To provide an overview of the creative activities, brands and their communication, consulting services and social flows within the Hirschen Group with its more than 800 employees, an annual review has been produced since 2014. It is a personal view of what moves us throughout the year. But there is also an insight: What kind of people romp around here? In the latest issue students of the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg gained a deep insight into our Hirschen Group family to create this year’s magazine as their semester’s project.

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Creativate the world!

When intelligence becomes artificial, there is only one thing left, that humans can do better at than robots: having ideas. In order to maintain our prosperity and freedom, we must all be creative: As a society, as an economy, as a citizen. This book shows how. When book printing came, the new technology unleashed the Enlightenment. But if we talk about our time, then we are still talking about technology – instead of looking at the spiritual revolution that will trigger it. The authors dare to take that look: They describe the step from digitization to creation. Germany has grown up as a land of thought, but in the race of ideas we threaten to lose touch if we neglect the resource of creativity. A book that points the way to the creative revolution and whets the appetite for a country that is once again bubbling over with ideas.

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David Bowie, pig's stomach, Apple and me.

Communication is everything. It determines our everyday life, it characterizes our whole life. But then there is UBERcommunication: pictures, words, phrases, events, which outshine everything like Historical moments, personal events, encounters and events that you just never forget. Over the past 25 years, Marcel Loko has asked his companions to capture, share and summarize the most remarkable (media) moments. 33 communication professionals share their moments of UBERcommunication in this book and reveal what they have learnt from it for their professional lives.

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The lie paper

It's all lies!

“Alles Lüge“ (It’s all lies!) deals with the meaning and handling of truth in the communications industry and was published as a newspaper just in time for the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. Zum goldenen Hirschen takes a clear position on a socially relevant topic: We declare war on lies. Our choice of weapons: Against the loss of credibility, we should rely on trust in our industry. We believe in beauty, virtue and ethics. And we are proclaiming a new era. Our serum against the lie is called: RADICAL RELEVANCE . In print form, the 14-page newspaper with 10,000 copies was distributed at the locations in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Vienna.

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In 1995, 2011 and 2012 we released three manifestos, called “The Truth” in which we address the topics that all communicating people are currently discussing. Those topics, the business models of the media and the behaviors of the politicians up to the completely normal humans have clearly changed in the last years. And will still change. The idea of this manifesto is not to establish dogmas, preaching final solutions or to be a „one-and-only-rulebook.“ „The Truth” should be „food for thought“ für all people – and a „sharing of ideas“ with all actors in the communications industry. We want to discuss what will keep us busy the next years. How social networks influence us, how we can react to technological and social change. And which new attitude we need as a communicator in our opinion to handle these radically changed basic conditions. 

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more news

(german press releases)

Hirschen Group | 2020

>> Pressemeldung als pdf

F. Kühne, C. Gottschalk, C. Lüders, C. Bornschein (im Uhrzeigersinn)

> Pressemeldung als PDF

Feri Thierry, GF 365 Sherpas Wien und Herbert Rohrmaier-Lewis, Partner 365 Sherpas Wien
Feri Thierry, Geschäftsführer 365 Sherpas Wien und Herbert Rohrmaier-Lewis, Partner 365 Sherpas Wien
Herbert Rohrmair, Partner 365 Sherpas Wien
Feri Thierry, Geschäftsführer 365 Sherpas Wien

Hirschen Group | 2019

>> Pressemitteilung als PDF

 Dr. Franziska Giffey – Bundesministerin f+r Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend

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  • Cornelia Göbel und Dr. Daniel Wixforth werden Partner.
  • Antonia Meyer, Florian Teipel und Roman Godau rücken ins Management-Team auf.
  • Susanne Walter verstärkt als Managing Director den Bereich Corporate Affairs/Corporate Communications.
  • Neue Berater*innen und Mandate in den Branchen Mobility, Digital, Healthcare, Real Estate, Non-Profit und Public Sector.

Nach sechs erfolgreichen Jahren am Markt stellen die 365 Sherpas die Weichen für die nächste Entwicklungsstufe der Unternehmens- und Politikberatung mit Standorten in Berlin, Brüssel und Wien.

>> Pressemitteilung als PDF

Hirschen Group | 2018

Hirschen Group | 2017

Zum goldenen Hirschen

>> Hier geht’s zur Pressemeldung

Geschäftsführung von Zum goldenen Hirschen in München: Jens Kurznack, Jasmin Seitel, Arndt Rossnagel (v.l.n.r.)

>> Pressemeldung als pdf

neue Geschäftsführung von Zum goldenen Hirschen in München: Jens Kurznack, Jasmin Seitel, Arndt Rossnagel (v.l.n.r.)

> Pressemeldung als pdf

Zum goldenen Hirschen Co-Chef Philipp Keller & Zum goldenen Hirschen Valley-Geschäftsführer Jonathan Goutkin (v.l.n.r.)

>> Pressemeldung als PDF

Jens Kurznack – Geschäftsführer Zum goldenen Hirschen München

>> Pressemeldung als PDF

Zum goldenen Hirschen Campaigning, v.l.n.r.: Hubert Wedel, Lucas Hofbauer, Barbara Trautsch, Herbert Rohrmair-Lewis

>> Pressemeldung als PDF

Zum goldenen Hirschen Wien v.l.n.r. Barbara Trautsch, Delia Davidescu, Hubert Wedel, Marina Resch

Zum goldenen Hirschen Berlin übernimmt als 360 Grad-Agentur Kundenmagazin, digitale Kanäle, Kampagne und Markenauftritt von „Ihr Einkaufsbahnhof“

View PDF: PM_ZgH_Berlin_sichert_sich_DB-Etat_Ihr_Einkaufsbahnhof

Zum goldenen Hirschen Berlin, IRC und eröffnen geflüchteten Frauen neue berufliche Perspektiven in Deutschland

View PDF: PM_Berliner_Hirschen__IRC_und_Care

Innung der Denkmal-, Fassaden- und Gebäudereiniger:
Zum goldenen Hirschen Wien macht sauber

View PDF: PA_Zum_goldenen_Hirschen_Wien_macht_sauber

Freunde des Hauses


>> Pressemeldung als PDF 

 Claudia Díaz – Standortleiterin Beratung bei ressourcenmangel an der Panke

Katrin Münch-Nebel – Strategie, politische Kommunikation

>> Pressemeldung als PDF 

View PDF: 190220_ZEIT Verlag und ressourcenmangel gründen Hi! Employer Strategies

Alexander Brincker, COO ressourcenmangel, Rotraud Diwan, Geschäftsführerin HI! Employer Strategies und Matthias Weidling, Verlagsleiter Vermarktung des ZEIT Verlags

  • Daniel Auwermann wird Head of Transformation
  • Aufbau einer Consulting-Unit mit den Schwerpunkten Change-Kampagnen, Organisationskultur und Digitalisierung

View PDF: PM_ressourcenmangel_startet_mit_Daniel_Auwermann_Consulting-Unit